Our Events

Reem Art is organizing a training workshop for women heads of households in cooperation with the UNHCR. The workshop began on the 26th of September, 2009 and continued until the the 30th of December, 2009.

In its efforts to empower women and support refugees, the UNHCR and Reem Art have organized a training workshop for women heads of households, where they were trained to prepare and package seasonal foods, design and make jewelry, prepare and package various types of wax and candles, and paint on glassware. Model works were presented as objects of study to develop the ladies' talents and maximize their productive capacity in various areas (crochet, floristry, re-using household waste, etc...).

The aim of the course has been to help women earn money and support their families while in their homes and still able to care personally for their children. Another goal is to help women develop their creative potential and skills.

Products will be on sale in markets and fairs all over Syria.