Our Services


  • Text and visual advertising design
  • TV, radio, tv banner ads, printed, and web advertising design
  • Souvenirs (pens, watches, clothing, etc…)
  • Professional high-definition printing


  • Design and execution of:
  • Exhibitions
  • Dramatic and film décor
  •  Art

    • Painting and printing on all surfaces
    • Art design for all special events
    • Distributing art productions to Arab TV channels
    • Professional surgical and medical illustrations
    • Cartoons
    • Awards and trophies
    • Website and CD design (content and packaging)
    • Professional photographic services
    • Audio studio services: outdoor and indoor recording
    • Graphics services
    • Camera rental (Betacam and DVCAM)
    • Jewelry and accessories (design and manufacturing)
    • Professional courses by experts:
      • Marketing and advertising
      • Architecture
      • Directing and filming
    • Organizing art parties, bazaars and festivals